ICBMM 2022| 2022 6th International Conference on Building Materials and Materials Engineering

2022 The 6th International Conference on Building Materials and Materials Engineering (ICBMM 2022) was successfully held in Barcelona, Spain and online during September 15-17, 2022. Thank you all for your participation!

ICBMM 2022 papers have been published in Key Engineering Materials (Volume 942), ISBN: 978-3-0364-0270-3.
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Special thanks to the speakers and session chairs
Best Presentation Winners
Session I SE22-1036-A
Title: Mixing Law Compatibility and Recycling Ability of Aged Bitumen Binder
Authors: Ankit Sharma,Gondaimei Ransinchung Rongmei Naga,Praveen Kumar and Soumyadeep Deb
Presenter: Ankit Sharma, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India
Session II SE22-1034
Title: Development of Acoustic and Thermal Insulation Materials from Pantyhose Waste
Authors: Merve Kucukali-Ozturk, Hande Sezgin, Ipek Yalcin-Enis and Cem Dolu
Presenter: Merve Kucukali-Ozturk, Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey
Session III SE22-219
Title: Experimental Study on the Shrinkage of Concrete
Authors: Mary Williams P, Devdas Menon and Anumolu Meher Prasad
Presenter: Mary Williams P, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India
Session IV SE22-210-A
Title: The Effect of 3-D Finite Element Model on Seismic Fragility of NPP Equipment
Authors: Yousang Lee and Hong-gun Park
Presenter: Yousang Lee, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea
Session V SE22-207
Title: Performance Assessment and LCA of a PCM-based Coating for Residential Buildings of the North-west Mediterranean Region
Authors: Annalisa Marchitto, Emanuele Guglielmino, Emanuele Terrile, Luca Caliendo, Alessandro Borneto, Luca Bergia and Massimo Bacci
Presenter: Emanuele Guglielmino, DIME University of Genoa, Italy
Session V SE22-1059
Title: Additive Manufacturing with Environmentally Sustainable Materials for Shell Envelop System
Authors: Mohamad Fouad Hanifa, Paulo Mendonça and Bruno Figueiredo
Presenter: Mohamad Fouad Hanifa, Art and Design (EAAD), Portugal
Session VI SE22-221
Title: Calculation of Life – Expectancy of Existing Concrete Structures
Authors: Faisal Mohammed Hassan Sabouni
Presenter: Faisal Mohammed Hassan Sabouni, Al Esraa University College, Iraq
Session VII SE22-1052
Title: Potential Construction Applications of Sustainable 3D Printed Elements Made from Plastic Waste
Authors: Essam Zaneldin, Waleed Ahmed, Noura Alharbi, Rahma Alkaabi and Mariam Alnuaimi
Presenter: Essam Zaneldin, UAE University, United Arab Emirates
ICBMM 2022, Key Engineering Materials, Volume 942, ISBN: 978-3-0364-0270-3. Online Linkage

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